The UFC athlete's retreat - inside scoop (VIDEO)

by dcTim

Sep 29, 2018

The UFC athlete s retreat - inside scoop (VIDEO)


Last weekend in Las Vegas for fans of men's sports turned out to be extremely successful.

Many fighters from around the world came to the UFC Athlete Retreat 2017. The event began on Friday and ended on Sunday evening. The meeting included various seminars with such famous personalities as Kobe Bryant, Michael Strahan and others. Also there was a concert of Snoop Dog.

The high concentration of fighters in one room is likely to lead to something bad. And, unfortunately, there were skirmishes. As previously reported, a conflict broke out between Cris Cyborg and Angela Magan, which went into a fight. Athletes in time calmed down, so no one was hurt.

But not all fighters came to UFC Athlete Retreat 2017 to find out the relationship. So let's see how our favorite sportsmen spent this weekend:

Meeting the owners and a lot of fighters at the UFC athlete's retreat #ufcar17

Публикация от Leslie (@lesliesmithmma)

Centro de treinamento do UFC, 2o andar, parte de lutas. #ufcar17

Demian Maia (@demianmaia)

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