They're hot and deadly. Part #1

by Steve Mcmillan

Jun 7, 2018

They re hot and deadly. Part #1


Every man confirms: pretty girls in uniform - a very exciting spectacle, bringing forth a lot of fantasies. And if this is the army uniform, it excites twice. In accordance with the legislation of Israel, all the girls who have attained the age of majority are obliged to serve in the army.

To make the service more fun Israel girl-soldiers created @hotisraeliarmygirls group-account on Instagram. More than 116 thousand people are following it. Judging by the images on Instagram, the Israel army can slay an opponent not only with the power of weapons, but also with the beauty of the girls. Just look at them! Very sad, but this account is already does not update photo for half a year. Hey, girl, don’t disappear!

#5 - @inballev



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