Things women do that make guys lose it

by Kate Miller

Jul 30, 2018

Things women do that make guys lose it


Designers work tirelessly on how to make more sexy and frank any clothes. But even under the clothes can be hidden device for the artificial increase of sexuality of the most piquant parts of the body.

#1 Vagina dress

At first we’ll tell: the name was invented not by us. But under this name are now known these styles of dresses.

The first to wear such dress was little-known (only at that time!) Italian models at the Venice Film Festival in 2016. At the premiere of the film "The Young Pope", the models Dayane Mello and Giulia Salemi appeared in dresses that barely cover the middle of the trunk and expose the legs right up to the waist.

Underwear with such a dress is absolutely superfluous. The dress can have one cutout or two. That is, only a small piece of tissue in the middle covers the intimate parts of the body.

By the way, there were other vagina-dress samples at that film festival. The style seems decent, but the details unequivocally refer to the name of the dress.

Vagina-dress with two cutouts

Bella Hadid at the Cannes Film Festival in 2016 at the premiere of the film 'The Unknown Girl' in a dress by Alexandre Vauthier

The Italian models. Dayane Mello - in a dress of fuchsia, Giulia Salemi - in orange

Closed vagina-dress

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