Think fashion is insane? Real men will explain it to you

by Zhang Hao

Sep 25, 2018

Think fashion is insane? Real men will explain it to you


In an effort to be in a trend, the girls are ready for a lot. For example, dress strange, paint and sculpt on themselves strange things - rhinestones, feathers, etc. How to understand, a fashionable girl or just crazy - we'll explain.


Tattoos came into fashion and the girls began to decorate themselves completely - legs, hands, back - whole body and even on the face. So, it's okay if the girl did the tattoo meaningfully, even better if it means something (within the reasonable - radicals and pervert warn with the help of their tattoos that they are dangerous girls). An ideal example is Angelina Jolie, every tattoo on her beautiful body is a story. The fashion for the tattoo among the girls went just with her. If the girl is all tattooed, like Evdokia Voronova from Russia, it's worth keeping an eye on. The girl is very unsure of herself, so she decided to shock the audience in such a way - she tattooed herself patterns on the face and body.

Tattoo inscription/

Angelina Jolie's perfect tattoos/

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