This is something everyone must do when getting tattoed

by Sick Nick

Jul 31, 2018

This is something everyone must do when getting tattoed


Tattooing has been around in various forms for thousands of years, and some of those tattoos have been preserved in a way that are still eerily beautiful today. We might not think of it while we're sitting in the chair, but we're participating in an ancient tradition that goes back generations and generations, where people chose to get tattooed for reasons we can only imagine.

But for some reason there are a lot of people who doesn't think about tattoo`s sacred sense. It looks like that they do not think about sense. And about alphabet. There is nothing worse when neither tattoo artist or his client doesn't know nothing about orthography and grammar and sometimes even about letters itself. Wanna look? So do we! Here are the most stupid mistakes in tattooed words. And remember - it's always worth double checking before committing to body ink.

How about some G? At this case, all we can say about God – he judGed this person already))

Please Forgive us/

It`s like some strenGth with broken teeth, when you just can`t correctly spell G, or simply forget about it even exist.

Wish this was on his head/

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