Top 10 Funniest costumes for pets

by Olga Swanepoel

Apr 25, 2018

Top 10 Funniest costumes for pets

Some people like to pick dresses for various festivals not only for themselves, but for their pets. Animals in extravagant costumes today in the trend. However, sometimes owners overdoing  with a dose of originality and their pets look like little more than funny.

Let's evaluate the most hilarious images which appeared pets!

1. Happy Bride

We can see on this grin that climb with kisses to the "bride" is not necessary.

Funny costumes for pets 1

2. The little Red Riding Hood

It seems that the cat was going to visit her grandmother Kitty along with a basket of fresh "Whiskas".

Funny costumes for pets 2

3. Snoop Dogg

This Labrador looks like he is going to release the coolest rap album of the year! Yo!

Funny costumes for pets 3

4. Avatar

The owner decided not to bother and just paint his dog in blue.Funny costumes for pets 4

5. Pirate

Be ready to board that ship! Has anyone seen the rum?

Funny costumes for pets 5

6. Hey, Spock

Live long and prosper! Or live long and chase cats!Funny costumes for pets 6

7. Mr Lobster

It seems to me or the cat is not enthusiastic about the idea to be cooked like lobster?

Funny costumes for pets 7

8. Marilyn Monroe

This babe is ready to party! Languishing look and short dress… Who's supposed to sing "Happy Birthday?"

Funny costumes for pets 8

9. Cowboy

Brave Cat Eastwood races across the plains of the wild west in search gold of traffickers.

Funny costumes for pets 9

10. Trump for President

It was a dishonest move by Donald. Of course, all vote now for a charming dog. Good, good president, take a sugar bone.Funny costumes for pets 10