TOP 3 of Ancient blood sports that are still played and popular (VIDEO)

by Sick Nick

Jul 25, 2018

TOP 3 of Ancient blood sports that are still played and popular (VIDEO)


Sport`s appeared as replacement of some battle stuff. People needs to know who is the toughest one without being killed. Considered to be one of the safer forms of violence, sports are great for channeling all of mankind's destructive urges into glorious or better said `human` ways. Today`s sports head to show minimum violent aspects. But it`s the fact that this aspects are most attractive for large audience. MMA, boxing, hockey, even NASCAR races are legal forms of getting dose of adrenaline that comes through watching danger. But it`s safe. Even brutal MMA is quite safe, cause behind fighters there are tons of doctors and other stuff.

This blood is safe/

But sport was much more violent in earlier times. Death and injures were a parts of it. And today some of that kind of sport are still take place. We gonna show your some.

Calcio Fiorentino

This tradition came from 16 century. The city of Florence consists of 4 parts. Each part of the city gathered own team. And one day in the year the were playing a game that is similar football. But the ball can be controlled with both - hands and feet. And they can beat each other. The continue to play it nowdays. The game involves two teams of 27 players who have 50 minutes to score the most points. There are no breaks or interruptions, even if someone needs to get stretchered off — and there are definitely no substitutions. Injuries are the norm: in one game in 2016, 20 percent of the players required a visit to the hospital afterwards. The only prohibited moves are hitting someone on the ground, sucker punches, and the use of weapons.

Broken jaws and bones/

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