Top pro-wrestlers who made the transition to MMA (VIDEO)

by Joshua Crane

Jul 27, 2018

Top pro-wrestlers who made the transition to MMA (VIDEO)


Wrestling as a separate kind of martial arts has a large number of fans. However, even the fans of this show often wondered - can their idols and in real life just as skillfully use their fists?

As it turned out, they can. And an additional confirmation of this will be our today's heroes, who exchanged wrestling for MMA.

Bobby Lashley

Bobby Lashley/

Bobby Lashley worked in the promotion of Total Nonstop Action Wrestling and World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), where he became the US champion and twice champion of ECW.

In November 2004, Lashley signed a contract with WWE and started working in the regional promotion of Ohio Valley Wrestling under the name of Blaster Lashley. However, in 2008 at the event There Will Be Blood the athlete decided to try his hand at mixed martial arts.

His first fight against Joshua Franklin Bobby Lashley ended in victory, and after that he became quite often in the MMA. At the moment, the fighter had 17 matches and scored 15 wins.

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