Train vs Trucks: Horrific accidents on level crossings (VIDEO)

by Curtis Memphis

Jul 19, 2018

Train vs Trucks: Horrific accidents on level crossings (VIDEO)


Get stuck at the railroad crossing - a terrible sleep of any driver. Even if you manage to get out yourself, the car is unlikely to survive the impact of the multitone iron giant, traveling with terrible speed. However, accidents on the railway crossings do not become less. Causes can be either ordinary driver's stupidity, or a malfunction of equipment, warning about the imminent approach of the train.



On one of the railway crossings in the US, not the smallest semitrailer of the postal company FedEx got under the train. The driver continued the movement on the crossing just because the warning signals at that moment didn't work (the police then conducted an investigation of this incident).

Bilevel rail car crashed into the trailer at full speed, literally tearing it apart and scattering its contents. Some of the company's customers after this have lost their parcels.

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