Two teenage girls were trying to bring their friend to sacrifice Slendermen

by Zhang Hao

Apr 23, 2018

Two teenage girls were trying to bring their friend to sacrifice Slendermen

In the US, there was a shocking incident, which attracted wide public attention. Two 12-year-old schoolgirl, inspired by the character of the internet meme, inspired by the “Slender” horror film, tried to stab a knife to their friend. Girls were wanted to bring her to sacrifice Slendermen.

The sacrifice took place in the forest where they are while playing hide and seek attacked their school friend. The victim inflicted 19 stab wounds, but the girl miraculously survived, having received a serious psycho trauma. At the moment, girls, Morgan Gesser and Ennis Weyer pass a psychiatric examination in order to identify mental disorders and the diagnosis to decide on whether it is possible to judge teenagers for attempted murder.

The trial of the defendants began last week in Wisconsin, but both girls are denied their guilt. The lawyer of one of the accused girls, says that she can not be tried for the crime and tries to prove that it has a serious mental disorder. In court it was proved that she is undergoing treatment at one of their psychiatric hospitals with a diagnosis of "schizophrenia".

According to the testimony of the accused in the case file states that the girls have planned this event in advance, intending to offer sacrifice the character of the Internet memes – Slender Man, who according to legend, killed the children in the forest. The post where the girl announces that she wants to kill people was found in her personal diary.

At present according to the results of a psychiatric examination, the girls threatened with imprisonment for more than 20 years.

The trial will last until October 2016.