Ugliest sports mascots ever seen!

by Sick Nick

Aug 2, 2018

Ugliest sports mascots ever seen!


We all know for what need mascots are. These strange anthropomorphic creatures or cartoon characters with oversized heads. They roam the sidelines of sports events cajoling fans to cheer. Everyone loves it. But you can`t denied, that often they are just creepy. You know - fixed stare, giant eyes, size, color.The mouth, always set in a psychotic leer. The fact that there's a living human being trapped inside. Horrifying. Here's a look at the creepiest sports mascots.

King Cake Baby

The Pelicans from New Orleans claimed this thing was created to celebrate some arcane New Orleans tradition that involves baking an effigy of a baby into a cake. But most of us could tell it looks like they were pitching ideas for next Exorcist sequel.

New Orleans… nuff said/

Neve & Gilz

Neve and Gliz, the mascots for the 2006 Turin Winter Olympics. The designer of these two walking nightmares claims that they are a humanized snowball and ice cube, who represent friendship and joy. But for us they are animated representations of suicidal thoughts you see in anti-depressant commercials

Italian barbarian/

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