Weight loss that's literally unbelievable

by Joshua Crane

Jul 31, 2018

Weight loss that s literally unbelievable


Do you still think your body is imperfect? And therefore seize your own grief with a sweet bun ... Then just look at these people who were able to pull themselves together and change beyond recognition.


This girl confesses that she became happier and healthier after her transformation. Of course, because the difference between these photos is 51 pounds (23 kg)


At 31, Pasquale Brocco managed to gain 605 pounds (274 kg). However, he was able to pull himself together and for three years he achieved an amazing result - he dropped a third of his weight. He walked 6 miles a day on foot, and then began exercising. As a result, fat was gone, and flabby arms acquired relief muscles. However, he did all this not so much for himself, as for his son, in order to set an example. And he did it!

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