When fans die at sports events. Part #1 (VIDEO)

by Curtis Memphis

Jul 19, 2018

When fans die at sports events. Part #1 (VIDEO)


World sport knows many terrible and sad events. Favorite sportsmen died right during the competition, fans lost their favorite teams in auto- and air crashes, and the number of athletes who died early because of depression, alcohol or drugs continues to increase every year.

However, the fans themselves who attend sports events are not immune from death. Safety standards in the stadiums are becoming more thoughtful and effective, but people who came to cheer for their favorites, continue to die.

Here are some of the most resonant cases.

1. Death from a hockey puck


13-year-old Brittany Cecil specially arrived with relatives in the capital of Ohio in order to watch the match of her favorite Blue Jackets. March 16, 2002 in the home arena, "Columbus" hosted the "Kalagari" and this match was to be a gift for the girl for the upcoming birthday.

In the second period after the throw from the forward of the hosts, Espen Knutsen, the puck fell into the stick of Calgary defender Derek Morris and flew to the stands behind the gate, where it hit the young Brittany on the head. The girl persistently survived the blow and, applying the jacket to the wound, on her feet reached the exit from the stands.

The doctors took Brittany to the hospital. The girl remained conscious and seemed to be on the mend, but two days later she passed away. As doctors later explained, Brittany suffered a fairly rare damage to the artery passing from the spine to the back of the brain.

Knutssen's career after that went into decline. After playing a couple more seasons in the NHL, he returned to his native Norway, seriously experiencing the tragedy that had happened. In 2010, he came to the US and first met the mother of the deceased girl.

Prior to this incident, NHL matches have never killed fans. After it, the league significantly strengthened the safety standards in the stands and increased the grids behind the gate.


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