When fans die at sports events. Part #2 (VIDEO)

by Curtis Memphis

Jul 21, 2018

When fans die at sports events. Part #2 (VIDEO)


6. The result of the football match in Egypt: 74 killed and 20 hanged


In 2012 in Egypt, a crowd of fans of the Al-Masri club staged a real execution over the fans, players and coaching staff of the team "Al-Ahli" - the most titled and popular club in the country. During the game in Port Said, fans of the hosts ran out into the field and began to attack anyone who could be attributed to the visiting team in any way. As a result, 74 people were killed, more than 500 were injured.


After the completion of the large-scale investigation, 20 accused were found guilty of intentional murders and sentenced to death by hanging. In the regulations of the championship after this tragedy made severe restrictions: in all the stadiums in the country, except for Cairo and Alexandria, allowed the presence of only 5,000 fans. Al-Masri was deprived of the right to play at his stadium for four years.

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