When you live with real stupid and realize it

by Sick Nick

Aug 12, 2018

When you live with real stupid and realize it


One of the Reddit users asked the question: "At what point did you realize that you Dating an idiot?". It seems that there a lot of people who felt themselves miserable with this - the theme got a huge response: less than a day 23 thousand answers and comments appeared. Guys complain that girls have serious problems with understanding of the world: they put plastic flowers, think that the Pacific ocean is filled with fresh water, and don't know where Earth place in Solar system is. And this is not bad, compare to pics that we find for you. Imagine, your partner mistake the shells of pistachio nuts for seashells? Here we go!

She Said “The Opaads?/boredpanda.com

Well, there is nothing special when people confuses with some of the letters and words, but it`s not when they just read up feet, just like in this story. A guy - asked his wife to bring him his shoes. She brought the OPPADS not the Speedo

Poor girl/boredpanda.com

We don`t know what to say cause of loudest laughing ever. If that guy could take trash for shells, for he take his own ass?

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