X-Animals? Shocking animal mutations will shock you

by Noa Cantu

Oct 7, 2018

X-Animals? Shocking animal mutations will shock you


If you think that mutants are funny turtles that live in sewers and are taught martial arts under the guidance of a rat - then you’re very wrong. In fact, mutant animals aren’t an invention. They live among us and are capable of shocking even a person with a very strong psyche.

Two-faced pig


This pig with two muzzles was born in one of the villages of the PRC. The hostess was very frightened when she saw him for the first time, but nevertheless decided to take care and now constantly feeds him from the bottle.

Double dolphin


This dolphin was thrown ashore in Turkey, after which he was accidentally discovered by a local resident. As the researchers established, an animal with two heads lived a year, despite the fact that on one of the heads the breath was completely atrophied.

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